11 July, 2009

Out of, or into, debt?

I recently received an offer from Equifax to receive credit management software. If I understand correctly, the program will automatically contact Equifax's servers, download my credit information, analyze it, and suggest ways that I can reduce my credit load. They offered me a special rate of $11.95 per month or something similar, a nearly 20% discount of the usual rate.

Shoot, I can do the same thing for free just by paying my bills each month. For $144 a year, they should be offering a new operating system, not a debt management program.

Okay, their software will also do a few other whiz-bang things for me, such as tell me my FICO score 4 times a year and provide $25,000 identity theft insurance underwritten by the Federal Government AIG (been wondering where the AIG bailout money went?). That said, unless their software will magically make me rich, or at least free me of my financial responsibilities, I'll reduce my debt load the old-fashioned way, thank you.

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Clemens said...

By not buying their product?
Notice how novel it seems to most folks to stay out of debt by not buying things? I've yet to convince young Clovis that it actually works.

And I think some of that bailout money went to bonuses for doing such a great job at AIG.