21 September, 2009

"The God who doesn't make slaves, but becomes one"

One of my favorite seminary professors was Fr. Robert Barron. I had him for only one class, Modern Philosophy I believe, and it was a great class. Although to be honest I thought all my classes at Mundelein were great classes, philosophy and theology alike (with one exception which I won't describe). It was the pastoral aspect that challenged me.

Anyway, Fr. Barron has a website, Word on Fire. They've been posting videos on YouTube. Here is a nice one that ties together the film District 9 and the ethical philosopher Emmanuel Levinas:

In Jesus, God identifies as dramatically as possible with the underside of history: not with the Masters, but with the Slaves; not with the Insiders, but with the Outsiders. God looks out from the suffering face of Christ and compels us to the right ethical stance.
It's worth listening to the entire thing, and hearing for yourself what future priests hear.

Having said that, I think I will visit that website more often.

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