25 September, 2009

A 10% foul-to-noise ratio

I just looked up the lyrics to a rap song that I saw referenced on a weblog somewhere. Why? Просто так.

Thanks to me, four hundred sixty-one words of raw commercialism posing as gritty, urban realism wound their way across the world, or at least across a few telephone lines, along with a bunch of ads that I ignored.*

I'm not sure what surprises me more:

  • that I understood immediately the meaning of im'a;
  • that the ratio of profanities to non-profanities is only about 10%;
  • that someone took the time to transcribe all 461 words on the website, paying careful attention to which words should be capitalized;
  • that, according to the acknowledgments, four different people submitted corrections to the original lyrics;
  • that their emails are listed as plaintext (spammers take note!); or
  • that I looked up the lyrics, read them, noticed all this, and am not ashamed to write it down.

*I am no longer human; I am a statistic. Somewhere, someone is going to claim me as another "unique visitor"** to the website, and try to finagle advertising dollars on account of me. The government will count this transfer of money as economy activity. So if enough idle people would use the internet more, economic activity would increase and, yes, idle folk would pull us out of the recession.

Yet more proof that work doesn't pay. Let alone hard work.

**I wonder if I can count as two or three unique visitors by visiting the site again using different browsers, or by deleting the revelant cookies. Imagine: a small, committed army of idle folk could use such a strategy to generate an economic boom that would rival the best bull markets.

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