25 September, 2009

Berlusconi for the Nobel Peace Prize

There is a campaign to award Berlusconi the Nobel Peace Prize. The first sentence explaining why is,

The Nobel Peace Prize has never been given to an Italian from 1907 up today.
As God is my witness, I am not making this up.

Imagine giving the Nobel Prize to a man whoTo Berlusconi's credit, last year a minister of the Spanish government accused Berlusconi's regime of being racist and xenophobic, so he can't be all bad. (Call me insensitive, but leftists throw those words around wayyyyyy too much, and the Spanish government is not what you could call a model of welcoming immigrants.) He also succeeded in getting the mountains of trash bags off the streets of Naples after spending a while in 4000€/night hotels there. Amazingly, this did not involve relocating Neapolitans to other cities so they could trash them. (Neapolitans have a bad, bad reputation in Gaeta.)

Jokes aside, the group campaigning for him states that he helped resolve the war between Russia and Georgia two summers past. If a similar effort was reason to award Teddy Roosevelt the prize, I guess it's reason to award it to Berlusconi.

But, still…

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