29 September, 2009

Was everything I was told a lie???

From an email exchange with an old college friend that got off topic:

[Using Facebook] I was able to find my grade school classmates in [my home country], high school, [university] classmates.

I'm not sure I want to be found; I'd have too many apologies to issue for (inadvertently) offending or insulting people. Anyway, I'm sure Google will do the job for anyone who tries hard enough. :-)

For example, I just discovered through Google that [a former friend of ours from undergraduate school] left biology a couple of years ago and went into selling real estate. It's pretty d—n depressing that people are leaving biology to make their careers in real estate, especially when you consider how the real estate market has done the last few years. Yet one of my colleagues in the department here also sells real estate on the side, and is representing another colleague who is buying a house. I'm telling you, everything I was ever told about how the world works was backwards, so much so that I wonder if I was lied to all my life. ;-)

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