13 May, 2010

No, actually, we don't

The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, published a wonderful astronomy story which, yes, I do think you should read. The comments are something else entirely, and are best typified by what is by far my favorite comment:

Don't Americans have their own newspapers to read?
Two points:
  1. The comment is attributed to Bob the builder, Queensland, Australia. The Daily Mail is a British newspaper. It would be unseemly to point out the irony.
  2. Actually, no, we don't have our own newspapers to read. Speaking of Aussies: Rupert Murdoch owns a bunch of our papers. Most of the rest belong to McClatchy Corp. (Californian) or the New York Times Corp. (Yankees) or the Tribune Corp. (Illinoisan, which I've spelled correctly believe it or not) or Gannett Corp. (Northern Virginian, as in, "blue Virginian, not true Virginian") or the Washington Post Company (Washingtonian—'nuff said).


Clemens said...

Hey! I'm a Northern Virginian, a true Virginian! By about 200+ years worth. Mosby's Confederacy and all that.

And I read the Washington Post. It and the defunct Washington Star were what I grew up with.

jack perry said...

I'm talking about today's blue Virginia, not yesteryear's true Virginia.