02 May, 2010

Secession? in Italy? Surely I understand wrong...

For all the talk by Lega Nord about increasing federalism in the Republic of Italy (they used to talk about secession if I'm not mistaken), there is apparently a serious move in southern Lazio to secede, thereby getting away from the influence Rome has over the region.

Italy is divided into Regions, which are subdivided into Provinces. Lazio is the region in central Italy that contains the soccer team I sometimes pay attention to (conveniently named Lazio) based in the city of Civitavecchia, where I have some relatives, and where my greataunt recently passed away. It also contains the cities of Roma (which has its own soccer team), Nettuno (the home of St. Maria Goretti), Latina (a city founded on the land of a drained swap, during the efforts of Mussolini to modernize the nation), Gaeta (my mother's hometown), San Felice Circeo (a beautiful city and park) and a number of other great places to visit.

The Provinces seeking to secede from Lazio are Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, and Viterbo—in other words, every Province of Lazio except the Province of Roma:(image from Wikipedia)

The article in Corriere della Sera notes that the discussions were taking place in the same place where St. Thomas Aquinas died.

Assuming I've understood all this correctly, I wonder whether it will come to pass.

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