02 May, 2010

The spill

Assuming our Representative to Congress is correct, the effect of the spill won't actually be that bad: it may dissipate, he said to the local newspapers. Perhaps. People on the coast are complaining about an awful smell in the air.

Nevertheless, the Coast is preparing for the worst. If I understand an article in the Sun-Herald correctly, some officials have claimed that their discussions with federal officials have implied that Mississippi's coast is to be offered as a "sacrificial lamb" because it would be the easiest to clean. Supposedly, that which doesn't dissipate will emulsify, becoming a peanut butter-like substance.

Up north, of course, they're still recovering from the record tornado from last week. There were some concerns that this week would be pretty bad, too, but Mississippi was let off pretty lightly this week—certainly in comparison to those poor souls in Arkansas.

And it isn't even hurricane season yet…


Clemens said...

"Assuming our Representative to Congress is correct" goes along with "Hi, I'm from tech support and I'm here to fix your computer."

jack perry said...

better: "Hi, I'm from BP and I'm here to clean this oil spill."

I say this because I can remember a time when computer tech support was in fact helpful.