24 June, 2010

A sign of the apocalypse if ever I saw one

In Groups C and F of the world cup, the teams that advanced are teams that have won no more than one game.

Spain, the supposed favorites to win, was humiliated in its first game — to Switzerland, a team that everyone was saying should have been happy just to show up.

France was not merely humiliated; its team was a disgrace.

New Zealand played better soccer than Italy. New Zealand!!!

Slovenia played great, but failed to advance.

The US played awful, but advanced. Last minute comebacks may be thrilling, but they don't always come through. (The Italians learned that today the hard way.)

The only team that has played beautifully and convincingly in every game so far is the one coached by Diego Maradona, aka the infamous "Hand of God".

If this isn't the end of civilization as we know it, I'd hate to see it.

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Clemens said...

But El Pulpo Paul called it for Spain.

And he was right.