15 June, 2010

Green Italians are, apparently, not "true" Italians

I still remember how in the 1990 Cup Neapolitans whistled against Argentina when Italy played them in the stadium at Naples. In the words of one Neapolitan, ho fischiato il mio dilettissimo Maradona, e abbiamo perso lo stesso. I thought it was a neat phenomenon, but I was told later that it was in fact ugly, unsportsmanlike conduct by the Neapolitans. Still, it was less annoying than those awful vuvuzelas, if you ask me, but no one ever does.

Remember that, because the next time a northern Italian tries to tell you that southern Italians aren't real Italians, that they have no love for the country, and so forth (all of it nonsense: before the European Union made the borders porous so that Eastern Europeans could walk freely into Italy, Northern Italians would have had no one to exploit in their factories if not for southern Italians—but never mind that) ask them why Radio Padania cheered after Paraguay scored a goal to take the lead against Italy during Italy's opening game of the 2010 World Cup.

For all the Neapolitans' faults (and hey, I'm not averse to having some fun at their expense) I reckon you'd have been hard-pressed to find a cheering household in the Partenopolis right then. For some reason, I'm not at all surprised to hear that Radio Padania was exulting—not at all.

Update: Daniele De Rossi, midfielder for the Italian national team, has joked that when Padania's team plays, he will cheer their opponents.

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