11 June, 2010

South Carolina politics have reached a new high-water mark

Doubtless you've heard of the fun that South Carolinians (not True Carolinians) had in their primary. (a) A woman raised as a Sikh who converted to Christianity has been called a Manchurian candidate and accused of infidelity, with one accuser even taking a polygraph test. (b) A veteran who won the Democratic primary for Senate gave no speeches, held no campaign events, and paid with $10,400 of his own (supposedly) money. Turns out he's wanted for a felony as well.

This latter case is the one that interests me, because now Rep. Clyburn is suggesting that Alvin Greene is in fact a Republican plant. I admit that would say some damning things about the people who run the Republican party in South Carolina, but honestly, what does it say about the people who run the Democratic party in South Carolina? Did no one notice, or care, what was going on?

In North Carolina they describe themselves as "a vale of humility between two mountains of conceit", those mountains being Virginia and South Carolina. As a native Virginian I have my qualms with this statement, but after the last few months, they may have a point. As a friend of mine said, at least the troubles of Mike Easley of North Carolina are good, old-fashioned corruption.

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